On our glass - £1 per word.
On your glass - from £10 for the 1st word and then £1 per word.

If the item is oversize or requires masking off / soaking off labels, we reserve the right to charge more for the first word.

We do offer a discount on bulk engraving of your own items.

Please contact us with your requirements.

Hand Engraved Templates


Stencilled Images

We stock over 200 images from Animals to Sports. Most hobbies and interests are covered. We aim to offer a wide choice and the example shown is a Bevelled Plaque with the Theatrical Masks stencil and Italic Script. We hold books of these Stencil Images in our Shop so that you can browse through for inspiration. Please ask to see the Stencil Image Book when you next call in.

These Stencilled Designs are £7 each to blast onto our glass and £14 each on your own glassware.




If you require your own design on glass, please come in and see us for a quotation. Artwork is defined as a Customer's own bespoke design. This can be a photograph of a beloved Pet or favourite mode of Transport. Or even your own Signature or Child's handwriting. We are unable to reproduce actual photographs of people. This method of engraving is usually done by Laser in crystal blocks. We can Hand Draw images or set them up as stencils depending on your image. Please refer to our Inspiration Catalogue on the top left of our Homepage to see the sheer scope of what we can produce.

Alternatively you can email us your requirements to enquiries@theglasslady.co.uk

We would need to know what item the design was going onto before providing you with a quote. This is so that we can fairly judge the scale of work required. The example shown is an Octagonal Plaque produced entirely by Hand Engraving using the photograph as reference.

This service usually takes up to 5-7 working days but can often be quicker.

Please note, we are unable to reproduce Copyrighted Images without express permission of the owner. This includes Football Crests and well known cartoon characters etc.


Corporate Logo’s

We charge £20 to set up a logo (subject to suitable artwork) and £7 for each reproduction of the logo on our glass. Plus usual charge’s for wording. The example shown is a Flame Plaque with a Stencilled Corporate Logo and Hand Engraving in the Italic Script.

We provide itemised quotations once we have your full requirements.

Corporate orders usually take between 5-10 working days but we may ask for longer with bulk orders. We require Logo's to be submitted by email preferably in J-peg or Tiff format at 600 dpi, Black and White artwork only, no colour or greyscale as this doesn't transfer to stencil.

Any questions, please contact us at
enquiries@theglasslady.co.uk or on 02380 333200.